Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

I want to check my background report. How quickly can I get it?

Once we have verified your identification, you will typically receive your personal background check report within minutes.

Where does the information on background checks come from? obtains records from public sources, such as nationwide criminal records, county criminal courthouses, the National Criminal Index, sex offender registries, the OFAC/Patriot Act Terrorist Watch List, Social Security Number index, and civil court records.

What if I find something wrong with my background check?

You may comment on any background information you wish to explain or dispute. Once you have completed a review of your report, you will be provided the opportunity to view information on where to dispute the records in your background check.

Can I get someone else's background check anonymously?

No. We require full disclosure for your and the subject's protection. Our patent-pending applicant review and dispute process virtually eliminates potential liability for decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information on a background check.

Is my personal background information secure?

Yes. Your background information is fully encrypted at all times and is not used for any other purpose. In addition, your information is deleted from our system immediately after your background check.

What information do I need to supply for a background check?

We'll need the full legal name of the person you want to check, along with their Social Security Number, current or previous address and email address (so we can notify and email the report to him or her).

How current is the background information provided?

Our process greatly increases the accuracy of our reports. Background screening involves searching records that contain only minimal information. We sort through the possible matches to provide you with only the most relevant records on a background check.

However, the hundreds of sources we gather background information from are updated at different rates, ranging from monthly to annually. While we supply the latest background information each jurisdiction has released, you may need a more thorough criminal background check. We suggest you take advantage of our Manual County Criminal Search, which provides hands-on record checks on each county in which the subject has lived.

Do reports contain credit information?

No. We do not provide credit screening on individuals through If you're a landlord who requires credit information, we recommend For businesses and non-profit organizations requiring pre-employment credit checks, can provide this service.