Alabama - Disputing Public Records

Criminal Records

Sealing/Expunging Records

In Alabama, the following types of records may be expunged: DNA records, records related to investigations of child abuse, and records of criminal convictions found to contain inaccuracies or incomplete information. Specifically, if a person is the subject of child abuse investigation that doesn't result in a conviction, the records related to that investigation must be expunged by the investigating agency or authority. A person whose criminal conviction is reversed may have their DNA records expunged.

If you have been investigated for child abuse which does not lead to a conviction, the agency or authority holding the information related to the investigation has a duty to expunge the information and any data developed from it from their records.

If you believe your criminal records to be inaccurate or incomplete, you will want to contact the jurisdiction in which the information was filed - this could be a police agency or a court, depending on the record. You can request the record be purged, modified, or supplemented with additional information and you can request they notify the Alabama Criminal Information Center of such changes. If agency declines to act or if you believe the agency's decision to be unsatisfactory, you can, within 30 days of their decision, enter an appeal to the circuit court of the county you currently reside in or to the circuit court in the county where such agency exists to obtain a court order that the information be modified in the manner you originally requested. Costs will be charged to the party in error.

Civil Records

Civil records generally include judgments, liens and evictions, as well as other family and small claims cases.

The most efficient way to dispute a civil record in Alabama is to contact the court in which the record was filed.


Bankruptcies can stay on your credit record for as long as 10 years. The most important place these records can affect you is on your credit report. To dispute a bankruptcy record that is inaccurate, contact each of the three major U.S. credit bureaus. Each has a process online for disputing records that appear on your file.

Disputing the actual public record can be much more challenging since the consumer is the one who files for the bankruptcy in the first place. More information can be found on the United States Courts website.

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